Monday, May 18, 2009

Down on the farm

Wow Spring is here and summer is on the way. What a busy month we have had. April 30th Brody graduated from USU and his girls were so proud of him in his cap and gown. Good Job Dad. I hope any of you considering going back to school do it. There is always excuses to be found, but if you get in there and get the work done and pay the time it will be over before you know it. Brody was able to go to school full time, work full time, be the scout master full time, an manage to find a little time for the family and go hunting. So never say you don't have enough time.
Then down to grandpa's farm we were able to go and help brand the calves. This year we tried something new that we haven't done before. This year we roped the calves and dragged them out of the pen and then branded them. Boy did we have fun. Some of the beginner ropers could of qualified for the special Olympics. Brinlee and Haylee did not like hearing the calves cry so they helped grandma cook dinner and bring it out later.
This past week down on grandpa's farm we went down to help grandpa plant some of the garden. Then girls had fun for a minute putting the tomato plants in the hole and covering them, until they found the mud. I think the pictures say it all.


Nikki said...

ok, Where are the pictures? That sounds like fun. Good job Brod!

The Judkins Family said...

Congratulations to Brody for graduating. That is a great accomplishment. Looks like you guys had fun at the farm. What a cute family. We need to get together sometime and catch up!

luv1aussie said...

My 9 year old daughter found your site by doing a project and she used google with her name and found your site.. Her name is Haylee Jean Brinlee! :D