Monday, May 18, 2009

Down on the farm

Wow Spring is here and summer is on the way. What a busy month we have had. April 30th Brody graduated from USU and his girls were so proud of him in his cap and gown. Good Job Dad. I hope any of you considering going back to school do it. There is always excuses to be found, but if you get in there and get the work done and pay the time it will be over before you know it. Brody was able to go to school full time, work full time, be the scout master full time, an manage to find a little time for the family and go hunting. So never say you don't have enough time.
Then down to grandpa's farm we were able to go and help brand the calves. This year we tried something new that we haven't done before. This year we roped the calves and dragged them out of the pen and then branded them. Boy did we have fun. Some of the beginner ropers could of qualified for the special Olympics. Brinlee and Haylee did not like hearing the calves cry so they helped grandma cook dinner and bring it out later.
This past week down on grandpa's farm we went down to help grandpa plant some of the garden. Then girls had fun for a minute putting the tomato plants in the hole and covering them, until they found the mud. I think the pictures say it all.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Wow has the time flown by since the last posting. Lots of fun things have taken place. Christmas has come and gone for another year. We have had 3 birthdays. And enjoyed many sleigh riding trips. My parents have also done some remodeling in the house and we were able to help with some of the fun part; distruction. Brody is back in school for his final semester as a Senior at USU and graduation is approaching fast. He can hardly wait. Well have got to go for now, but promise I will not wait so long in between posting.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

This year I made a goal to start a blog to keep in touch better with friends and family all year round instead of just the Christmas new letter. So here we go with our first posting.
What a fun and busy time of year. Our family has started the Christmas holidays off by going and cutting our Christmas tree down at one of our families favorite spots on the mountain. Family parties are planned with great food and renewing family ties. Shopping has begun. Christmas Cards are in the mail and the halls have been decorated. Now we just need the snow.

Our family has enjoyed many family outings this year and I hope to share a few of them with you. In February we were able to go up to good old Cache Valley and go to the Elk Refuge and get in a USU basketball game. The kids thoroughly enjoyed the sleigh ride and getting up close to the elk. In March we had a cousin outing with the Christensen's to Hoogle Zoo. The kids loved seeing all of the animals and most of all the wild turkeys strutting around. Then the summer brought many camp outs and family reunions and four wheeling trips. To end the summer mom and dad escaped down south to Big Rock Candy mountain with some of Brody's co-workers on a couple retreat. We had a blast. We visited, rode the four wheelers on the Puite Trail, saw mountain goats along the way and one tall basketball player named Shawn Bradley, had good food and laughed around the camp fire. Then fall brought the hunts. No success this year for us, bought we sure had fun trying. Brody did have fun hunting with his uncle Brad on the Elk Hunt which did bring a good size 5 point.

Brody is still going to school at USU and on track for graduating in the Spring of 09. He is still working for Spanish Fork City and is still a great scout master in our ward.

Brinlee is getting ready to turn 4 although she acts like she is 10. She loves being outside and playing with the dog and cats at daycare. The last couple of weeks she keeps asking me when her uncle Caleb is leaving on his mission. Because mom told her, her birthday is after Caleb leaves. She is always watching out for Haylee and reminding me not to forget her. She had her first hair cut a couple of weeks ago and that was pretty hard on her and mom. All she wants from Santa is Pet Shops.

Haylee is growing like a weed and is our little charter box. She can't wait for her 2nd birthday next month. She loves being her big sisters little shadow and tagging along where ever she is. Mom and dad love her contagious laugh.

Mom is still working at Wells Fargo Bank and trying to keep things up around the house. I just got a new calling in our ward and am excited and nervous at the same time. I am in the primary presidency. I have also had a few friends pass away this year. Making me really stop and realize what really matters in life and to stop and enjoy the little things.

Well we hope all is well with everyone I know we are living is some scary times. My god be with you and your families. Hope to hear from you soon.